Configure Passwords to Secure Cisco Router

How to password protect Console Port To configure the console password, follow these steps. Router(config)# line console 0 Router(config-line)# password CISCO Router(config-line)# login Router(config-line#Ctrl-Z Router# How to password protect Auxilary (AUX Port) Port To configure the auxilary password, follow these steps. Router#config t Router(config)#line aux 0 Router(config-line)#password cisco Router(config-line)#login Router(config-line)# Ctrl-Z Router# How to password… Continue reading Configure Passwords to Secure Cisco Router


Collision Domain and Broadcast Domain

Collision Domain                                                 A term collision is described as an event that usually happens on an Ethernet network when we use a "Shared Media" to connect the devices in an Ethenrnet network.… Continue reading Collision Domain and Broadcast Domain

Communicate With Router

Communicate With Router

Communicate with a Router using Console, Auxiliary, Telnet, SSH, HTTP and HTTPS connections                             Routers are special computers built to handle internetwork traffic. Routers are very important network infrastructure devices and they serve many users at same time. The end users ho… Continue reading Communicate With Router